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I recently stumbled across a Harvard Business Review article titled ”Creating Shared Value” which discusses the struggle companies have faced (and largely continue to face) when developing their sustainability strategies. It seems that while most of us consider terms like “corporate social responsibility,” “sustainable business,” and “corporate philanthropy” positive, a transcendence beyond their use may be [...]

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It may be the lack of daylight or the somewhat frantic pace of this work week but I fear that abstraction is beyond me today. Maybe you too? Instead, I’ve decided to share some interesting links to various sustainability-related articles that I found interesting. Feel free to share your own links in the comments! In [...]

The Guardian is a large and well-reputed British newspaper that has become intimately involved in reporting on sustainability-related news and events. In the United Kingdom, as in most of Europe, political-, security- and economic-based concerns have led to a greater focus on sustainability within business and politics than here in the United States.  While there [...]

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Proxy Season & Fortune Telling

Proxy season is a time for shareholders to make their suggestions for various corporate issues. Often, various organizations and groups of shareholders with special interests are responsible for the bulk of the recommendations.  Regardless of whether or not these proxy season suggestions are implemented within the corporations they pertain to, they serve as a type [...]

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