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I’ve written before about the NAVY and how, with some of the best scientists and innovators, in addition to some weighty responsibilities, the organization is managing to pave the way with algae-based fuels and other sustainable technologies. Well, just in time for Earth Day this year, NASA unveiled their newest building, a LEED¬†Platinum Sustainability Base that is the greenest federal building in existence.

Designed by William McDonough + Partners with integrated engineering by AECOM, the building generates more energy than it consumes using a photovoltaic array, a small wind turbine, and a Bloom Energy Box fuel cell. The building also utilizes a grey water recycling system, originally designed for the international space station, that has resulted in 90% less water consumption than a traditional building.¬† Through sensors, the building “smartly” monitors temperature and lighting needs and adjusts using abundant skylights and windows accordingly – reducing related energy costs and improving interior climate quality. All materials within the base (desks, bookshelves, etc.) are recycled and/or recyclable and are nontoxic.

The Sustainability Base is located at Moffet Field in Mountain View, California and integrates nicely into the surrounding landscape. Native and drought-resistant California plants were utilized to landscape the site, and the building’s unique exoskeleton makes it capable of withstanding seismic activity. McDonough describes the building as native to place, as it was built to suit the site, maximize efficiency, and create a positive impact on the environment.

Ultimately, the new NASA site provides an amazing example of how careful design, engineering and innovation can combine to create a building that is in complete harmony with the environment surrounding it and the people that work within it. To learn more and see detailed pictures, visit here.

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