Why People love to Buy Over the Counter Antibiotics

The two main reasons why people love to buy over the counter antibiotics is fairly simple – they do not want to waste time and money going for a visit to the doctor first, and they want to cure their rather simple bacterial infections fast.

If you are in strict countries like the United States, then here are 4 different ways on how to acquire over the counter antibiotics without ever getting a prescription first from your doctor: purchase them from a pet shop, go to Mexico, purchase them in an oriental shop, convenience store, or ethnic market, or order online through an online pharmacy site.

Ordering through an online pharmacy with the use of the Internet is becoming more and more popular for those who have been accustomed to the ways of online shopping, and surely they have already tried ordering over the counter antibiotics online for their antibiotic/medical needs.  It is fairly easy to buy over the counter antibiotics online since on so many occasions, the import of non-prescription antibiotic drugs into America is basically low priority for the law enforcers as compared to their vigilance against controlled substances and narcotics.  The reason for such over the counter antibiotics being allowed into countries like the United States is that as long as the pharmacy you have ordered from is located in a place where that particular antibiotic does not need a doctor’s prescription for it, then they would be very happy to offer you any over the counter antibiotics that you want to buy from them, even without a prescription from your doctor (but of course, it is much better if you already have acquired it for proper diagnosis and treatment).  In the ethical principles of some people, you may be breaking the law; however, if the over the counter antibiotics prove to be more of help to you than harm (for instance causing you to have antimicrobial resistance), then doing so is actually considered to be helpful and worthwhile.

There are actually many reasons as to why people love to buy over the counter antibiotics without the need for a prescription from their doctor:

Skin Conditions – those who suffer from rosacea or acne conditions usually opt to use antibiotics topically or internally to help them prevent flare-ups. Most of the time, such sufferers of skin conditions, once they see that they have pleasant results, they will most likely opt to buy over the counter antibiotics in large quantities for a much cheaper price rather than going to the dermatologist each time they need to refill their medication.

Cultural Norms, Poverty and Lack of Insurance – many individuals who work for small business are sadly deprived of health benefits, which means they cannot afford a doctor and they also cannot afford to buy over the counter antibiotics at American-standard prices.  Of course, such people come from places wherein their cultural norms dictate that over the counter antibiotics do not really require a doctor’s prescription ever.

Persistent Occurrence of Infections – the main example for this is urinary tract infections, especially the recurrent kind.  Recurrent urinary tract infections can be pretty bothersome to treat and knowing that you simply need some over the counter antibiotics (that have proven to be helpful in the past to you), then you would opt to buy over the counter antibiotics right off the pharmacy store and no longer require a doctor to look at you first, which can actually be very expensive for them in the first place.