Stop Hair Loss with Generic Finasteride 1mg

We all lose hair each day, around a hundred at most.  However, most of us will be able to recover from the hair loss that we have because we do not have the issue that will make us completely bald.  However, for those who have androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness, they will not be able to recover from the hair loss because their condition of hair loss is more of permanent as compared to ours.  This genetic issue occurs in men who have parents that carry the genetic trait.  This means that if your father, older brothers, or uncle from your mother side suffer from male pattern baldness, if you are male, then it is likely that you will have the same fate.

Treating hair loss issues has always been difficult, especially since the main cause of the issue is difficult to treat.  As a genetic issue, it is either you manipulate the genetic code itself, or simply do nothing at all.  But since one of the trigger factors in the cause of male pattern baldness is hormone, more specifically the dihydrotestosterone hormone, there is actually something that can be done to help remedy hair loss.  Generic finasteride 1mg helps reduce your dihydrotestosterone hormone by lowering its production.  Through the use of generic finasteride 1mg, a man who has the genetic trait of hair loss will have the capacity to treat his hair loss condition.

If you want to effectively stop your hair loss issue from progressing, using generic finasteride 1mg will be your best solution.  After all, generic finasteride 1mg is the only proven hair loss treatment drug that can truly stop hair fall, straight from one of the root cause – the hormone.  Age, genes, and hormones are the trigger for male pattern baldness and generic finasteride 1mg helps in dealing with the hormone side.  By stopping one of the triggers, hair loss is effectively stopped.

Since generic finasteride 1mg acts like a hormonal treatment, make it a point to use generic finasteride 1mg daily as it will prove worthless using the drug if you are only going to stop using it later on.  Other hair loss remedies will also require daily use, but they mostly only delay the development of the issue and not really stop hair loss.  The best remedy for hair loss is generic finasteride 1mg and this should be your choice of treatment if you want to effectively get rid of the genetic trait you have inherited.

Daily use of generic finasteride 1mg is a must which therefore means cost.  It is important that you make the most out of your money when using such a daily treatment.  The solution to this will be to use generic and not the branded version, which is pricey.  Since generic finasteride 1mg is just as effective as its banded counterpart, choosing to use generic may be in your best interest.  After all, you aim is to stop hair loss and not to spend more money on virtually the same treatment.