Follow Lasix Dosage Properly for Best Treatment Effect

Lasix is a very popular treatment drug that is used primarily for relieving fluid buildup or water retention from the body.  This buildup or retention, often called edema, is caused by a medical condition.  Since factors vary as to what causes it in different individuals, the issue is that the body begins to swell with the water buildup.  This creates pain and discomfort to the person who has developed edema.  To flush this excess fluid out of the body requires the use of diuretic drugs like Lasix.  Although Lasix is used primarily for treating edema issues, it can also be used for other treatment purposes.

Lasix is a very serious medication as careless use of the drug may result in certain medical conditions.  Because of this, it is advised to follow proper Lasix dosage whenever consumption of the drug becomes necessary.  Lasix dosage is available in different dosaging with each ideal for different treatment purposes.  Make it a point to properly follow the Lasix dosage ideal for the medical condition you are treating.

Congestive heart failure is another common medical condition where you can use Lasix for treatment.  The Lasix dosage for congestive heart failure is normally around 20-80mg per dose.  Maintenance treatment will require the use of Lasix dosage of around 20-40mg.  Dosage intervals for this medical condition will either be once or twice per day, depending on the instructions given to you by your doctor.

As a diuretic drug, Lasix is primarily used for treating edema issues.  Oral Lasix dosage for edema comes at 20-80mg per dose.  Once initial treatment dose have been taken, maintenance Lasix dosage treatment will be within the 20-40mg range.  Since the treatment is for edema issues, the frequency in which the drug needs to be taken will be 3x – 4x per day until the desired treatment effect has been achieved.

For pulmonary edema, the initial oral Lasix dosage will be like that of regular edema treatment dosages.  Lasix dosage maintenance and frequency is also similar.

Since edema is not strictly occurring only to adult individuals and that this fluid-caused swelling can also occur in infants and children.  Due to this, there is a strict pediatric Lasix dosage for edema on infants and children.  The suggested Lasix dosage for neonatal is 1mg/kg and given either once or twice per day.  The advised Lasix dosage for gestational age is 1mg/kg every 24 hours.  Higher Lasix dosage is strictly discouraged as there involves an increased risk of toxicity.

For infants and children, the ideal oral Lasix dosage will be 2mg/kg given every 24 hours.  If the single oral Lasix dosage is not effective, the frequency in which the drug can be taken can be increased to 3x or 4x per day.  However, strict monitoring is necessary when increasing the frequency as loss of essential electrolytes from the body may happen which can result in the development of other medical conditions.  To be on the safe side, make sure you always follow the directions given to you by your doctor so there is less risk of misuse.