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Stop Hair Loss with Generic Finasteride 1mg

We all lose hair each day, around a hundred at most.  However, most of us will be able to recover from the hair loss that we have because we do not have the issue that will make us completely bald.  However, for those who have androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness, they will not be able to recover from the hair loss because their condition of hair loss is more of permanent as compared to ours.  This genetic issue occurs in men who have parents that carry the genetic trait.  This means that if your father, older brothers, or uncle from your mother side suffer from male pattern baldness, if you are male, then it is likely that you will have the same fate. Continue reading

The Awesome Benefits of Generic Finasteride 1mg

Generic finasteride 1mg is a medicine that is created solely for the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) and androgenetic alopecia (or male pattern baldness).  Generic finasteride 1mg is also scientifically called a type-2 5a-reductase inhibitor.  This simply means that the enzyme called 5a-reductase can convert testosterone into something called dihydrostestosterone (DHT).  When this happens, balding occurs.  With generic finasteride 1mg, it inhibits or stops the action of the 5a-reductase enzyme, which then prevents the patient from experiencing hair loss and/or balding.

Generic finasteride 1mg is known to treat androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness in the male populace only.  Take note that the awesome benefits of taking generic finasteride 1mg can only be enjoyed as long as the user is taking it for a period of 6 months or more.  Most users have claimed that the continuous intake of generic finasteride 1mg has given them an overall 30% improvement in the condition of their hair. Also note that before you go ahead and start using generic finasteride 1mg, you must be prepared to take it continuously because all the benefits you will get are going to persist only just as long as you keep taking the drug.

For those not entirely familiar with generic finasteride 1mg, you should always read the patient information pamphlet attached to the medicine itself when you buy them. Continue reading