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Follow Lasix Dosage Properly for Best Treatment Effect

Lasix is a very popular treatment drug that is used primarily for relieving fluid buildup or water retention from the body.  This buildup or retention, often called edema, is caused by a medical condition.  Since factors vary as to what causes it in different individuals, the issue is that the body begins to swell with the water buildup.  This creates pain and discomfort to the person who has developed edema.  To flush this excess fluid out of the body requires the use of diuretic drugs like Lasix.  Although Lasix is used primarily for treating edema issues, it can also be used for other treatment purposes.

Lasix is a very serious medication as careless use of the drug may result in certain medical conditions.  Because of this, it is advised to follow proper Lasix dosage whenever consumption of the drug becomes necessary.  Lasix dosage is available in different dosaging with each ideal for different treatment purposes.  Make it a point to properly follow the Lasix dosage ideal for the medical condition you are treating.

Congestive heart failure is another common medical condition where you can use Lasix for treatment.  The Lasix dosage for congestive heart failure is normally around 20-80mg per dose.  Maintenance treatment will require the use of Lasix dosage of around 20-40mg.  Dosage intervals for this medical condition will either be once or twice per day, depending on the instructions given to you by your doctor. Continue reading

The Awesome Benefits of Generic Finasteride 1mg

Generic finasteride 1mg is a medicine that is created solely for the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) and androgenetic alopecia (or male pattern baldness).  Generic finasteride 1mg is also scientifically called a type-2 5a-reductase inhibitor.  This simply means that the enzyme called 5a-reductase can convert testosterone into something called dihydrostestosterone (DHT).  When this happens, balding occurs.  With generic finasteride 1mg, it inhibits or stops the action of the 5a-reductase enzyme, which then prevents the patient from experiencing hair loss and/or balding.

Generic finasteride 1mg is known to treat androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness in the male populace only.  Take note that the awesome benefits of taking generic finasteride 1mg can only be enjoyed as long as the user is taking it for a period of 6 months or more.  Most users have claimed that the continuous intake of generic finasteride 1mg has given them an overall 30% improvement in the condition of their hair. Also note that before you go ahead and start using generic finasteride 1mg, you must be prepared to take it continuously because all the benefits you will get are going to persist only just as long as you keep taking the drug.

For those not entirely familiar with generic finasteride 1mg, you should always read the patient information pamphlet attached to the medicine itself when you buy them. Continue reading