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Much like hydro power, wind power has been a part of the human fabric for thousands of years. Windmills were used for pumping water and grinding wheat, and of course sailing had a large part in trade, transportation and exploration. Fairly recently, wind turbines have been popping up in large wind farms across the country side [...]

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Today, author of http://fmarquitv.tumblr.com and private contractor out of the East Hamptons, Sam Marquit dives into issues of sustainability by introducing a couple building materials that not only help improve the value of your home, but certainly reduce costs as well. To connect with Sam, follow him @fmarquitv. Thanks for your great post, Sam! As a private [...]

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Good News From Detroit

After years of struggle between automakers, environmentalists, regulators and consumer groups over new regulations for car efficiency, there is an odd sense of calm and consensus brewing in Detroit.  At a public hearing Tuesday regarding the newly proposed efficiency standards, nearly all involved were confident that the higher mileage requirements would mean good things for the [...]

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This blog has thoroughly  contemplated the use and proliferation of natural gas drilling within the United States. From questioning the true “green” nature of natural gas to concern over increasing amounts offracking in upstate New York, there is a lot to consider. Difficulty in securing mortgages, negative land impacts, increased air and noise pollution, water [...]

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I believe it was Yogi Berra that said “the future ain’t what it used to be.” In true Berra nature, this quip can be taken a lot of ways. I’m going to choose to frame it in the lens of sustainability and our future, The Children. We’re at a point in time where concerns pertaining [...]

China’s Grip on Rare Earth Metals

95% of the world’s rare earth metals derive from China.  While a diverse array of foreign and domestic rare earth mining and processing companies currently operate within China, the Chinese government is implementing plans to consolidate and regulate the industry. China is citing environmental concerns as its impetus for the large-scale reorganization.  Mining for rare [...]

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Natural gas drilling has been growing in prominence as the technology to retrieve it, in addition to the desire for plentiful and domestic energy sources, has evolved.  A relatively new method of retrieval, hydraulic fracturing, has allowed access to vast natural gas deposits located in shale far below the earth’s surface.  Hydraulic fracturing, or hydrofracking, [...]

Due to increasing global fuel costs and demand, as well as political instability in the greater Middle East, Alberta, Canada’s tar sands are being recognized as a viable source of secure and abundant oil. On the one hand, the Canadian government, trading partners and various investors are chomping at the bit to recover and capitalize [...]

The controversy surrounding the placement of wind farms is not new or novel. Concerns over environmental impact and desires for naturalism are to be expected and necessary in a discussion about wind farm placement. However, I have a hard time swallowing the arguments regarding wind installations and their impact on view. The Cape Wind project [...]

After the closure of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Tokyo, and the resulting concerns over nuclear power, only 17 of Japan’s 54 nuclear reactors are in use. All over the country, Japanese citizens are taking steps to limit energy use, despite high summer temperatures. A national “Super Cool Biz” campaign encourages businesses to [...]

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